our beer canning plantCanning Beer For Our Customers

Whether it is our own beer we are brewing or that of our customers, we know that the presentation is key to the drinker remembering the beer. Our state of the art canning facility is capable of producing up to 15,000 cans of beer per day regardless of the type of beer we have brewed. Additionally, we are able to apply custom-designed sleeves to the beer cans, so all the cans which leave our facility displaying the correct branding and are ready to hit the shelves.

As is the case with our beer brewing capabilities, we only work with the best materials. This means, we only use the best cans available on the market. What’s more, as customer service is at the heart of our business, our team is on hand to help you market your beer.

Helping Customers Market Their Beer

We are aware of the importance the artwork has on the drinking experience so we are on hand to advise on how to present and promote your beer to the customer. What’s more, we are also able to help customers promote their beer in other ways, as we have bottling and kegging facilities too. So whether your beer is available in a pub or can also be found in supermarkets, we have the solution for you.

We think the combination of our premium beer brewing and canning facilities enables you to provide the drinker with a memorable experience.