Contract Beer Brewing To Help Craft Breweries Grow!

Specialist, state of the art contract beer brewing facility based in the picturesque village of Cropton, North Yorkshire. Our aim is to provide contract brewing to craft breweries in order to help them get the best product possible.

Why Us?

Experience & expertise

30+ years brewing for big names in the craft beer industry


From small batch brewing to large scale projects


We are passionate about great beer and are fully SALSA accredited

Outsourced partner

Retain full control of brewing & packaging process

Contract Brewing

We have over 30 years of contract brewing experience and making our own successful beer brands. We cover a wide range of styles, from traditional best bitters and chocolate porters to more edgy styles like sours and juice bomb IPAs. This means we are able to set up contract brewing agreements with almost any craft brewery or pub. Additionally our experience allows us to keep the contract brewing cost low.

What’s more, we are fully SALSA accredited, meaning you and your beer are in the best possible hands.

our beer brewing vats
our beer canning plant


State of the art canning and sleeving facility, with the capacity to can up to 15,000 cans per day.  Therefore we are one of those contract brewing companies which can help you market your beer in different ways in order to reach to a wider customer base.


On-site bottling facility with the capacity to fill 1,500 bottles per hour. Both 330ml and 500ml sizes available.

beer bottling
Beer kegging


Our kegging line is suitable for a wide range of keg types, such as stainless steel, key kegs or doliums. We are also able to provide steel rental kegs from stock.

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