Beer kegging

Beer Kegging For Our Customers

Our onsite beer kegging line can accommodate a wide range of kegs. These include stainless steel, key kegs and dolium. Therefore, enabling you to adapt the type of keg to the point of sale.  All our kegs can be mounted to any pump, enhancing the beer-drinking experience.

As with our bottling and canning solutions, we only use kegs of the highest quality that will preserve the flavour of the beer. Our team is on hand to advise you on the right type of keg to use to preserve the flavour of your beer. We love beer, so we know a traditional bitter needs to be stored differently to a fruity IPA or a sour.

Beer Kegging as A Cost-Effective Solution

Unlike, the bottling and canning solutions we propose to our customers, kegging can be a cost-effective solution. We have a stock of steel kegs available to rent so that you don’t have to own the keg. Once used, we collect the keg and provide you with a new one when we deliver your next brew. That way, you avoid having to store empty kegs and can provide your customers with a beer which has a consistent taste.

Once again, putting your customer at the centre of the beer brewing experience. A beer which always satisfies your customers’ expectations is more likely to bring them back to the same drink.