our beer brewing vats

Our Beer Brewing and Contract Brewing Activities

We have over 30 years’ experience in brewing beer for our own brand as well as for craft brewers and contract brewing. So, we are able to cover a wide range of styles from traditional bitters to chocolate porters. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to create more on-trend beers such as IPAs and sours. What’s more, as beer lovers ourselves, we are always open to tasting new innovative flavours and are thus able to adapt our beer brewing to the latest trends in beer drinking.

However, not only are we content in staying at the cutting edge, but we also pride ourselves in brewing the best beer we can. This goes for both our own beers and our contract brewing activities.

How We Brew The Best Beer

Our brewing plant is SALSA approved, which signifies that the beers we produce are in the safest hands possible. Not only is our beer safe in the eyes of the expert, but we also aim at using the best ingredients available to us. Using the best hops, water and yeast help us consistently exceed the customers’ expectation as we aim to provide the greatest tasting beer regardless of the style of brewing. That is why we also submit each beer we brew to an extensive taste test so that the drinker is able to taste the difference between each of the products we brew.

We focus on satisfying our customer and ensuring the end-user is able to benefit from the best product possible. Whether the end-user is enjoying a pint in their local pub, or having a quiet drink in the comfort of their own home, we feel they need a great beer experience. After all, we are aware that is the drinkers’ experience that will shape the demand for our beer, therefore, we consider taste to be at a premium.