Beer Bottling Onsite

Our Beer Bottling Capability

Alongside our beer brewing and canning facility, we also have an onsite beer bottling facility which can produce up to 1,500 bottles per hour. We are able to produce bottles in both 330ml and 500ml sizes enabling our customers to increase their offering.

As is the case with our beer canning, we are aware that beer bottles are an integral part of the beer-drinking experience. The bottle forms part of the brewery’s brand identity so we will help you make the right choice of bottles to put your beer under the right light.

Not only do we put your brew into the best quality bottles, but we are also able to stick the label on each bottle so it is ready to hit the shelves.  Simply, our goal is to help you maximise brand awareness by helping you produce a bottle that will make your beer stand out. Thus, putting the drinker at the centre of the beer brewing experience.

Additionally, we also believe that offering a greater variety of storage solutions for your beer will allow it to be sold in more outlets. That is why we strongly encourage our customers to make their products available in bottles, cans and kegs.